To wet one's wistle


We have selected for you the best regional ciders as well as Quebec beers finely brewed with  unavoidable taste.

Apple Ice wine :

Ice cide (also apple icewine or cidre de glace in French; sold as ice apple wine in the United States) is the cider equivalent of ice wine: a fermented beverage made from the frozen juice of apples. There are two main approaches to producing ice cider: cryoconcentration and cryoextraction. Cryoconcentration involves harvesting the fruits late in season and leaving them in fresh storage until late December, when they are pressed and the fresh juice is left to freeze naturally. In January, the concentrated juice begins the process of cold fermentation. Cryoextraction (not the same as the cryoextraction of wine) is similar to the traditional method used to produce ice wine: apples are left on the trees, at the mercy of the weather, until the end of January. They are picked when the temperature hovers around -8°C to -15°C, and then pressed and left to cold ferment for months

The Brewery Schoune :

The brewery Schoune combine his cereal farm activity with these of brewery respecting thus the Belgian Farm Brewery secular tradition. He therefore imports this concept to Canada:  Americas first Farm Brewery is born. His beer recipes naturally use in their vast majority products directly issued from his farm (barley, wheat, oat and hop).

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