Maple Spices, Vinegar

vinegar, mustard, salt, pepper, find all the spices and condiments maple for your recipes of salads, marinades and cooking. Discover the flavours of the maple in your plates for convivial moments, surprise your guests with new recipes of authentic terroir tastes of Canada


  • Maple Mustard

    Maple Mustard

    125 ml

    Sweet & sensuous, Canadian Maple Mustard and cider is like no other mustard you've ever tried. Bringing together a little tanginess, a little heat and a little loving sweetness (courtesy of 100% pure maple syrup), all in perfect harmony...that's our ROUGE Maple Mustard a beautiful taste addition to your table.

    6,50 €

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  • -35%Maple Balsamic Vinegar (Cream)

    Maple Balsamic Vinegar (Cream) Brickstone

    200 ml

    Delicate flavour – ideal for marinades, barbecued foods and steamed vegetables.

    8,19 € 12,60 €

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  • Maple Wine Vinegar

    Maple Wine Vinegar

    250 ml

    Pure maple wine vinegar made naturally from the double fermentation of the pure maple sap. Aged for 3 years and stabilised at 5% of acetic acid. Fantastic pure vinegar to cook with. Replaces all vinegars in recipes and gives a delicate flavour of maple. Try it in a white butter sauce to be served with lobster and seafoods…or in your favorite salad dressing.

    11,50 €


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  • NEW-35%Maple BBQ sauce

    Maple BBQ sauce Le bon sirop d'érable

    250 ml

    That classic BBQ sauce, upgraded "maple style". It's perfect for a marinade and to spice up your grilled meats

    5,40 € 8,30 €


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  • -40%Vinaigre d'érable Picbois 250ml

    Vinaigre d'érable Picbois 250ml Le bon sirop d'érable

    7,20 € 12,00 €

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