Herbs, Spices, Sauces

Herbs, or what to do with the rest in the garden....

Excellent herb blends of Canada to flavour the recipes of broths, soups, stews, sauces, pasta sauces, rice and risottos, mashed potatoes and vegetables, meats and salads.


  • Montreal steak spices

    Montreal steak spices


    Capture the flavour of old Montréal with a robust blendof spices and seasonings. Shake on your favorite beef dishes before grilling.

    8,95 €

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  • -15%Pepper and Daisy jelly

    Pepper and Daisy jelly

    150 gr

    This is a unique jelly. A happy mix of daisies, hot peppers and sweet peppers. Daisy is a very abundant flower on Quebec forest .The taste is completely different and surprising every time. Use this jelly in every recipes. GREAT ON "BRIE" CHEESE

    8,37 € 9,85 €


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  • Strawberry, Mint & White Spruce Dressing

    Strawberry, Mint & White Spruce Dressing épicéa

    200 ml

    Our delicate dressing. Its aroma is very subtle. The fine taste of white spruce, mixed with Quebec strawberries and wild mint, gives this dressing a very refined taste. The obvious choice of salad dressing to accompany pasta, white meat and especially lamb.

    10,80 €

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