Grades of Maple Syrup


There exists two types of classification for maple syrup. The classification of the Federal Government and that of the Provincial Government. The Quebec sugar makers have the choice to conform to one or another of the regulations in force.

Federal classification

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) controls the wholesomeness and quality of Canadian maple products and is responsible for the “Federal” classification of maple syrup. This classification has three categories of syrup.

The categories are :

• Canada No. 1 (extra clear, clear, medium)
• Canada No. 2 (amber)
• Canada No. 3 (dark)

Provincial classification

The Quebec Government promulgated a regulation regarding maple products which establishes 5 classes of color for maple syrup according to its clarity, its density and the characteristic taste of maple, assuring that the product respects all the standards of quality.

Source: Fédération des producteurs acéricoles du Québec

This classification is obtained by determining the level of transmission of light of the maple syrup. The degree of transmission of light of the maple syrup is obtained by means of the optic method. This analysis technique of analysis requires a spectrophotometer.

A continuing light spectrum (white light decomposed by a prism) fall on the mobile screen pierced with a window which leaves only the chosen color through. The wave of this color arrives on the body to be studied, goes through it and ends its path on a detector which determines the absorption value of this light by the body.

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