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Épicéa specializes in manufacturing products derived from the boreal greatness. Épicéa partnered with Centre Augustinien, a no-profit organization working with individuals living with mental health problems, and Cristal, an orgnization specialised in helping people with mental health problems get back on track

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  • Maple & Scotch Pine Dressing

    Maple & Scotch Pine Dressing  

    200 ml

    A sweet dressing, emblematic of Canada. The delicate taste of Scotch pine goes well with maple syrup. This dressing is wonderful in a salad with apples and walnuts, as well in a salad of bean sprouts or legumes. It is ideal as a marinade or cooking oil for pork, ham and chicken. It can also be used to marinate some fish, including walleye, salmon, etc.

    10,80 €


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  • Pepper and Daisy jelly

    Pepper and Daisy jelly  

    150 gr

    This is a unique jelly. A happy mix of daisies, hot peppers and sweet peppers. Daisy is a very abundant flower on Quebec forest .The taste is completely different and surprising every time. Use this jelly in every recipes. GREAT ON "BRIE" CHEESE

    9,85 €



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  • Strawberry, Mint & White Spruce Dressing

    Strawberry, Mint & White Spruce Dressing  

    200 ml

    Our delicate dressing. Its aroma is very subtle. The fine taste of white spruce, mixed with Quebec strawberries and wild mint, gives this dressing a very refined taste. The obvious choice of salad dressing to accompany pasta, white meat and especially lamb.

    10,80 €



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