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As far back as I can dig into my childhood memories of the feast day of Canada. They cooked succulent maple cookies from pure maple syrup of Quebec with a emblem of country: “maple leaf”. They ate them as they wanted, they opened them or they wetted them into a glass of cold milk…



  • Maple Leaf Cream Cookies

    Maple Leaf Cream Cookies

    350 gr

    Maple leaf Cream Cookies are deeelicious. Seriously... purchase these Maple Cream Cookies for your personal enjoyment or send them to a friend. These particular Maple leaf shaped, Maple Cream Cookies are made in the Maple capital of the world; Quebec, and are highly addictive. Maple Cream Cookies .

    5,20 €


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  • Maple Sugar Chips Cookies

    Maple Sugar Chips Cookies

    145 gr

    The fabulous cookies with chip maple sugar 100% Canadian. The traditional recipe made in the days of old and pure maple syrup of Quebec...Processed according to the local traditions directly in the maple grove by its producer, the cookies will be a great pleasure for children at teatime or adults with tea or coffee!

    5,60 €


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