Benefits of Maple Water


                                                  100 % PURE QUEBEC


Natural and authentic, maple water gets its fresh, deliciously sweet taste from Quebec's majestic sugar maple. Historically, maple water was consumed for its health benefits by first Nations people.

Research has found that maple contains 46 essential nutrients this range of vitamins, minerals, amino and organic acid, prebiotics and polyphenols helps awaken trees from their long winter sleep. They make maple water ideal for quenching your body's thirst. 


Maple sap contains on average, 95% to 97.5% water and 2.5% solids, composed as fallows.

Sucrose 98.00%, polysaccharides 0.50%, quebrachitol 0.15%, glucose 25%, fructose 25%, malic acid 0.15%, succinic acid 0.01%, fumaric acid 0.01%, nitrogen compounds 0.05%, phelonic compounds 0.05%




1.pngCarbohydrates :96 % sucrose




 3.pngMinerals :0,7 %



 2.pngProteins :0,4 %




 4.pngAcids  :1,5 %



Recent research at the university of Rhode Island discovered that maple sap contains more 46 compounds, including significant concentrations of abscisic acid, antioxidants and many essential vitamins and minerals, especially Zinc.





            Oxygen Radical Absorbence capacity


Maple water is delicious as is-or you can mix it with sparkling water. Use it to enchance the flavour of your favorite tea or coffee and to add a gourmet touch to your vegetable stocks and soups


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