Apple Ice Wine

Inspired by the technique used to make ice wine and by the very particular climate, ice cider was born out of the Quebec terroir, which has the extreme cold winter temperatures needed to produce the concentration of sugars for its creation. Cider is a sophisticated sweet drink obtained from the fermentation of the juice of apples, must attain a pre-fermentation sugar concentration of at least 30 degrees Brix by natural cooling alone, and the finished product must contain a residual sugar level of at least 130 grams per litre as well as an acquired alcoholic content of more than 7%, up to a maximum of 13% per volume. It is delicious on its own, as a partner for foie gras or a plate of strong-flavoured cheese, some desserts such as a tart Tatin


  • Ice Cider "Givré" Domaine Felibre

    Ice Cider "Givré" Domaine Felibre Felibre

    375 ml - 10.5 °

    Fluid, fresh, rich and perfectly balanced: Givré is incomparable. It is soft on the palate, with a velvety, smooth mouth feel.
    Givré is superior in quality because care is used throughout the production process. From the orchard to the wine glass, nothing is left to chance.

    25,90 €


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  • Ice Cider Macle

    Ice Cider Macle intermiel

    Bientôt disponible

    Ice cider is the result of the fermentation of juice from pressed, naturally frozen apples. This original method produces a cider that exudes an astonishing concentration of rich aromas, characteristic of the Quebec region.
    Located on the southern side of the Saint-Benoit Mountain, our orchard enjoys ideal conditions resulting in a complex cider of superb taste.Enjoy our ice cider as an aperitif. It can be serve d with pâtés, foies gras, strong cheeses, desserts, or at the end of a meal.

    22,50 €

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