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Florence - 28.11.2014
Je me permets de vous recommander pour la qualité de vos produits, le soin que vous apportez a l'emballage. Votre site tout en étant commercial nous apporte une touche ludique sur le Canada qui est un pays merveilleux. Merci pour tout cela.

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Made in Canada

Saveurs Canada offers you to discover the best of Canadian cuisine with Maple, Blueberry or Cranberries products. We have selected the innovative and traditional products of high quality, original, 100% natural and healthy, environmentally friendly products with typical and incredibly delicious flavours from the beautiful provinces. We deliver all over Europe: The United Kingdom (UK), Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Switzerland.

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  • -20%Pure Maple Syrup Canada N°1 Extra Light Litchi

    Pure Maple Syrup Canada N°1 Extra Light Litchi  

    250 ml

    Our maple syrup Litchi is an elegant way for you to double your pleasure. Our original bottles turn heads and tantalize the taste buds with their bounty of delicious flavours. Whether as a gift, our wide assortment of flavoured syrups in attractive bottles of allows you to share your discoveries from the land of maple.

    7,84 € 9,80 €


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  • -10%Beer Dieu du ciel " Dernière volonté Brettanomyces"

    Beer Dieu du ciel " Dernière volonté Brettanomyces"  

    341 ml

    Bottle re-fermented with Brettanomyces, the characteristic aromas of these wild yeast intermingle with the floral bouquet of the beer. Its warm leathery flavours envelop the equilibrium achieved between the malt and the notes of hops. Imperceptibly bitter, the hoppy finish is counterbalanced by the Belgian yeast esters, revealing a hint of spicy overtones

    4,32 € 4,80 €


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  • -20%Beer le trou du diable "La Morsure"

    Beer le trou du diable "La Morsure"  

    Coming soon

    Inspired by the American IPA, La Morsure has a pleasant caramel nose with notes of exotic fruit and pine resin. The palate is balanced between sweet malt and fruity, resinous hops, resulting in a bitter, satisfying finish.

    5,36 € 6,70 €


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Favourite Canadian products

  • Maple Leaf Cream Cookies

    Maple Leaf Cream Cookies  

    350 gr

    Maple leaf Cream Cookies are deeelicious. Seriously... purchase these Maple Cream Cookies for your personal enjoyment or send them to a friend. These particular Maple leaf shaped, Maple Cream Cookies are made in the Maple capital of the world; Quebec, and are highly addictive. Maple Cream Cookies .

    4,95 €

    Sold out

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  • Maple Syrup Lollipop

    Maple Syrup Lollipop  

    20 gr

    Canadian Maple leaf shaped lollipop , made from 100% pure maple syrup. Great treat for kids, old and young!

    1,90 €


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  • Maple Green Tea

    Maple Green Tea  

    20 bags

    Maple Green Tea Turkey Hill..Exquisit. Combine the healthy flavour of Green Tea with Maple and you've got a winning combination. Maple brings a natural sweetness to the antioxidant qualities of Green Tea. Thus Maple Green Tea is a winner all the way around. Both from a health and taste perspective.

    5,95 €


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  • Maple Caramel glass jars

    Maple Caramel glass jars  

    160 gr

    Made of pure maple syrup from the condensation of the sugar maple tree's sap picked up during springtime.This high quality caramel marvellously goes on ice cream, pancakes, yogourts, fresh fruits, waffles, desserts... on warm apple pie! Spread over fresh bread or toasts.

    5,75 €


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  • Pure Maple Coffee

    Pure Maple Coffee  

    175 gr

    Maple Coffee Turkey Hill is pure morning decadence. Our Canadian Maple Coffee achieves its amazing maple flavour by the addition of maple sugar granules blended into the coffee. A cup of maple flavoured coffee lets you wake up with a delicious Canadian delicacy. Canada loves coffee. The success of Tim Hortons will attest to that.

    7,50 €


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  • Blanche de Chambly

    Blanche de Chambly  

    341 ml

    Blanche de Chambly is very aromatic and highly refreshing. Citrusy but never bitter, this magnificently smooth ale is perfect with white fish or poultry. It also goes beautifully with buchette-type goat cheese, mussels, salads, and buttered asparagus. Blanche de Chambly is to beer what champagne is to wine. Mix it with orange juice for a delicious twist on mimosas at Sunday brunch.

    4,99 €


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  • Pure Maple Syrup Canada N°1 Light

    Pure Maple Syrup Canada N°1 Light  

    250 ML

    mid-season grade A Medium Amber maple syrup has a rum colour, is less sweet than the Dark Amber grade, and has a more delicate maple flavour.

    8,85 €


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  •  1642 cola

    1642 cola  

    341 ml

    1642 Cola is made following a traditional craft recipe, with a slight hint of maple from the Laurentians. It is even bottled in Greater Montreal! This is a home-grown cola created by local entrepreneurs.

    3,45 €


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Discover our new products All new products

  • NEWOrganic maple syrup butter

    Organic maple syrup butter  

    160 gr

    This Maple spread is a half-solid paste made from maple syrup and used as a spread. 100% natural, 100% Canadian, the maple butter does not contain fats but only sugar from the syrup. Delicious on bread, waffles, pancakes, cakes, crepes, desserts, or as Canadian do, directly out of the jar with a spoon. Once you have tried it, you are addicted....

    6,95 €


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  • NEWBec Cranberries

    Bec Cranberries  

    275 ml

    This deliciously refreshing cranberry flavored organic drink by Bec Soda will delight your taste buds. The sour taste of cranberries brightens this maple syrup sweetened drink.

    3,45 €


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  • NEWPure maple shaker blueberry  pancakes

    Pure maple shaker blueberry pancakes  

    150 gr

    we love pancakes made with maple syrup & maple sugar. Just add milk to the maple batter, and shake the bottle. In seconds you will feel like a top chef making the best pancakes in town. Serve with 100% maple syrup, fruit, jam or with whip cream.

    3,50 €


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  • NEWBlack Forest Cupcake Tea Four O'clock

    Black Forest Cupcake Tea Four O'clock  

    Bientôt disponible

    Be engulfed in warm vanilla creaminess, as you step upon a path of the sweetest cherries and open your senses to a chocolaty gooey world. Dare to let your taste buds soar to the heights of your greatest imaginings when you experience our black forest cupcake tea.

    4,95 €


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