Saveurs Canada offers you to discover the best of Canadian cuisine with Maple, Blueberry or Cranberries products. We have selected the innovative and traditional products of high quality, original, 100% natural and healthy, environmentally friendly products with typical and incredibly delicious flavours from the beautiful provinces. We deliver all over Europe: The United Kingdom (UK), Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Switzerland.

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  • -15%Maple pepper (Organic maple syrup)

    Maple pepper (Organic maple syrup) Tout à l'érab

    70 gr

    Delicious on fresh vegetables (try on corn on the cob!) or on a salad with a dash of olive oil. Perfect for seasoning meat and fish at the end of cooking. Be audacious and try on fresh strawberries!

    7,61 € 8,95 €

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  • -15%Chili con carne with bison

    Chili con carne with bison

    300 gr

    Discover the food of the Quebec pioneers in a box of 330 gr

    7,57 € 8,90 €

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  • -50%Pure Maple Water Seva

    Pure Maple Water Seva Seva

    1 liter

    Maple sap is harvested at the beginning of spring in the northeastern part of North America, mainly in the province of Quebec, Canada. Maple sap to be sold as maple water is harvested according to stringent criteria.

    1,95 € 3,90 €

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  • -20%Buffalo Terrine

    Buffalo Terrine

    90 gr

    This wild bison meat as an intense taste. This terrine is to be savoured for the sole purpose of enjoying it! But, you can also serve it to guests on crackers! The bison is a caracteristic animal in North America, and has been a symbol for many First Nations. It is recommended to refrigerate the terrine 30 to 45 minutes before serving. Make sure to serve it with a strong red wine (like Bordeaux, Chaors or Rasteau), or a good porto.

    2,28 € 2,85 €

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