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Elodie - 23.11.2015
Je n'ai qu'à vous féliciter pour la qualité des produits reçus, du conditionnement ainsi que du délai de réception. Tout était parfait et à fait l'unanimité des convives. je recommanderai sans problème et essaierai d'autres produits. Je vous en remercie. c'était un régal....Elodie de Grenoble

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Societe generale
Made in Canada

Saveurs Canada offers you to discover the best of Canadian cuisine with Maple, Blueberry or Cranberries products. We have selected the innovative and traditional products of high quality, original, 100% natural and healthy, environmentally friendly products with typical and incredibly delicious flavours from the beautiful provinces. We deliver all over Europe: The United Kingdom (UK), Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Switzerland.

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Favourite Canadian products

  • Sortilège Maple whisky

    Sortilège Maple whisky

    750 ml-30% alc/vol

    Sortilege is a unique blend of Canadian Whisky and pure Maple Syrup.
    Created from the land, Sortilege follows a traditional recipe that strikes the perfect balance between the strength of Canadian Whisky and the rich, golden flavour of pure Maple Syrup.
    The result is a remarkably fine Liqueur that is truly Canadian.

    30,90 €

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  • Pure Maple Sugar Nuggets

    Pure Maple Sugar Nuggets

    375 gr

    Pure granulated maple sugar Nuggets of Quebec. 100% made of pure maple syrup from the condensation of the sugar maple tree's sap picked up during springtime. This high quality maple sugar admirably replaces all white and brown sugars and honey in recipes.

    13,50 €

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  • Trois pistoles

    Trois pistoles

    341 ml

    The dark color and smooth taste of Trois Pistoles reveals a ripe fruity aroma and lasting flavor reminiscent of aged port. Perfect for cooking or pairing with meals, it can also be served as an aperitif or a digestif.

    3,95 €

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  • Blanche de Chambly

    Blanche de Chambly

    341 ml

    Blanche de Chambly is very aromatic and highly refreshing. Citrusy but never bitter, this magnificently smooth ale is perfect with white fish or poultry. It also goes beautifully with buchette-type goat cheese, mussels, salads, and buttered asparagus. Blanche de Chambly is to beer what champagne is to wine. Mix it with orange juice for a delicious twist on mimosas at Sunday brunch.

    3,95 €

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  • Maple Balsamic Vinegar (Cream)

    Maple Balsamic Vinegar (Cream)

    200 ml

    Delicate flavour – ideal for marinades, barbecued foods and steamed vegetables.

    12,00 €

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  • Buffalo terrine

    Buffalo terrine

    180 gr

    This wild bison meat as an intense taste. This terrine is to be savoured for the sole purpose of enjoying it! But, you can also serve it to guests on crackers! The bison is a caracteristic animal in North America, and has been a symbol for many First Nations. It is recommended to refrigerate the terrine 30 to 45 minutes before serving. Make sure to serve it with a strong red wine (like Bordeaux, Chaors or Rasteau), or a good porto.

    4,95 €

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  • Blueberry Black Tea

    Blueberry Black Tea

    25 bags - wooden box

    If you like the flavour of Blueberries you should try our Blueberry Tea. This delicious Tea is a must have for every Tea lover. You will love its unique taste. The Blueberry Tea comes in a beautiful wooden box.

    6,90 €

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  • Whisky Canadian club 1858 extra aged

    Whisky Canadian club 1858 extra aged

    1 litre / 40% alc.vol

    The original light and versatile blended whisky, Canadian Club is the only Canadian whisky blended before aging in white oak barrels. This allows the flavors of the rye, rye malt, barley malt and corn to merry, giving CC its unique, smooth taste. Ideal for any occasion and goes perfectly with your favourite mixer. Now available in the 1 Litre size.

    22,90 €

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Discover our new products All new products

  • NEWSortilège  caramel

    Sortilège caramel

    750 ml - 23°

    Sortilege Caramel is made with the same authentic ingredients as our liqueur, Canadian whisky, maple syrup and now we have added creamy caramel. Ideal on the rock, it will also add a unique flavour to your coffee and cocktails.

    30,50 €

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  • NEWPure maple shaker cranberry pancakes

    Pure maple shaker cranberry pancakes

    150 gr

    we love pancakes made with maple syrup & maple sugar. Just add milk to the maple batter, and shake the bottle. In seconds you will feel like a top chef making the best pancakes in town. Serve with 100% maple syrup, fruit, jam or with whip cream.

    3,50 €

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  • NEWHerbal Tea Gingerbread Four O'Clock

    Herbal Tea Gingerbread Four O'Clock

    Coming soon

    Our gingerbread herbal tea is both comforting and invigorating. Concocted to face the worst that Jack Frost can conjure and as comfy as your favorite chair by a roaring cottage fire.

    4,95 €

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  • NEWPancake mix Gogo Quinoa

    Pancake mix Gogo Quinoa

    Coming soon

    Make breakfast quick and simple with this pancake mix the whole family will love! This gluten free alternative allows you to make a variety of breakfast classics, such as pancakes, crèpes and even waffles!

    6,95 €

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